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I have been helping clients find their word for their year or season of life, for over 5 years now.

Many do it at the beginning of the year,

but it is also a great birthday gift for yourself or a friend!

It is also wonderful to find a word for a season of life or a big event.

Like pregnancy or birth

a trip

or anything you can think of!

I love helping people to find their word!

When you sign up for this mini session: A Word for Your Year or a Season of Life

I will intuitively find your word, by working remotely (on my own time)

Once I find your word

  • I will clear any resistance you may have to it.
  • I will help your body, mind and spirit embrace the word
  • I will create a powerful affirmation to help you use and apply the word daily throughout the year.

Within 10 days of your order I will send you an email with

  • your word
  • any insights I received while finding your word
  • a powerful affirmation to help you truly use and embrace your word throughout the year
  • and any other information I feel you need. (for example: If there is any homework or something you need to do to help you with the word)

Do you have a challenging child???

This year I am also offering the option to add on a word for your challenging child as well

and a positive affirmation specifically for helping your relationship this year.

Look for this option on the check out page.

With love and gratitude -


"Have you ever thought about getting a WORD to focus on for a year?

I usually try and find my own word as I focus on the upcoming year,

but for 2023, I decided to let Sheridan intuitively find my word.

I was surprised how fast and thorough she was.

Not only did she find a word for me,

but she cleared any resistance I had to the word

and then made sure that I understood the way the word felt to her.

She was patient enough to walk me through the meaning

as I emailed her questions or explained my resistance.

Sheridan is very talented and her intuitive gifts are very grounded.

I’m very happy I tried this and it will give me something to clear to focus on for this coming year."

- McKel J.

Your Instructor

Sheridan Ripley - Word Finder
Sheridan Ripley - Word Finder

I have been helping women as they parent their challenging children since 2010.

I have been helping women find and use powerful, life changing words since 2017.

I have done this in group sessions where I walk them through finding their own words

as well as finding these words and affirmations for them in one on one sessions.

I can't wait to help you find your word!

(and maybe a word for your challenging child too???)

Learn more about the power of words here in some of my podcast episodes.

Crazy VS Exciting

Learn about how choosing a word for the year has helped me over the years.

Sheridan Ripley is an author of 6 books, a life coach and podcaster. You can learn more about her at www.sheridanripley.com

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I will do your mini session and send you your word within 14 days of receiving your order.

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